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Providing financial assistance to fellow Sun Devils experiencing a medical hardship.
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Who Are We?

Sun Devil Family Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created primarily for the purpose of raising funds to provide financial assistance to Arizona State University alumni, students, staff and immediate family members adversely affected by medical issues.

How Do We Help?

Our SDFC Cares program allows qualified individuals to request financial assistance by completing an application and submitting verification of medical expenses which are evaluated by our Patient Services committee.

How Can You Help?

Monetary donations are always appreciated and support those in need due to an unexpected medical condition. We also have volunteer and sponsorship opportunities during our annual cornhole tournament.

Our Story

The roots of Sun Devil Family Charities started with the SAVEJOE Foundation, which was created by former Arizona State University offensive guard Joe Cajic in 1998. Cajic was in the need of a life saving bone marrow transplant to cure Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. The SAVEJOE Foundation was established for the purpose of addressing three major problems affecting bone marrow donation: education, funding and recruitment. This foundation worked closely with Arizona State University, United Blood Services, National Marrow Donor Program, City of Hope/Samaritan Bone Marrow Transplantation Program and the Leukemia Society of America. Through the cooperative efforts of these organizations, and with the assistance of the local business community, the SAVEJOE Foundation was active to pursue solutions to the problems facing bone marrow donation and assist the thousands of “Joes” requiring bone marrow transplants. Amazingly, through blood drives and subsidizing the costs of increasing the bone marrow registry, a lifesaving bone marrow match for Joe was found and Joe successfully underwent a bone marrow transplant.

SAVEJOE realized that providing assistance to those with medical hardships had become a regular part of their lives. At the same time Joe Cajic had recovered from his bone marrow transplant and SAVEJOE decided it was time to create an all volunteer public charity that will provide financial assistance to those connected to Arizona State University that are experiencing a medical hardship. The result was a non-profit, public charity committed to serving students, past students, alumni, faculty and staff of Arizona State University. Sun Devil Family Charities was born.

Mission and Goals

  1. Outreach to those that require medical hardship assistance.
  2. Allocate public and/or private funds, as appropriate, to subsidize medical hardship assistance.
  3. Seek and apply for state, federal, and private fund available for medical hardship assistance programs.
  4. Allocate public and/or private funds, as appropriate, to organizations, agencies, or individuals that can provide support for those in need of medical hardship assistance.
  5. Work closely with community leaders in promoting awareness and educational programs regarding the need for medical hardship assistance programs.
  6. Develop awareness in the business community, in local government, and in the general public of the importance of assisting those who have fallen on medical hardships.
  7. Engage in other activities that will assist SDFC in implementing this purpose.

SDFC Cares

About the Program

SDFC Cares is the flagship program through which Sun Devil Family Charities provides financial assistance to qualified applicants. Individuals and their immediate families who have an affiliation with Arizona State University and are facing financial hardship due to a serious health or medical condition are encouraged to submit an application.

How to Qualify:

Applicants must have an affiliation with Arizona State University inclusive of past and current students, faculty and/or staff in order to qualify. If you have any questions regarding your qualification status, please use the form below.